Gary (#487) 12-17-13

Gary was standing at the end of a street, in harsher light than I like. But I liked his expression and gave it a shot. He had no reservations about being photographed.

Gary is a painter – an artist painter, originally from the Baltimore/Annapolis area. He paints murals. At the time, he was waiting for a city bus to take him to his next job on Longboat Key, a very exclusive neighborhood. Gary has been commissioned to paint a mural in a bathroom – a mural covering three walls. The bathroom is small, so the (ahem!) 'sitter' will feel like she is at the beach, with the beach mural surrounding her on three sides. This will take Gary a week. His genre is realism, which is subject to the following scientific equation:

Realism + Mural = Lots and Lots of Small Brushstrokes.

His most lengthy project to date took 100 hours to paint. Whew!