Christine (#451) 11-05-13

This past weekend there was an outdoor art festival three blocks from my home. What a wonderful stranger hunting venue!

I saw Christine and was immediately attracted by the stylish hat. She was in deep conversation with another stylishly dressed woman, so I waited my turn. The other woman suddenly wheeled around and left. I had a difficult choice, I chose Christine.

When I explained the project, she was surprisingly (to me) shy and reserved. She was a vendor and artist. Her art is watercolor painting, predominantly tropical birds and landscapes. The previous day it had rained. Thankfully, the tent stayed dry and no art was harmed. See her website HERE.

When I showed her images on the camera’s LCD, she was not happy – not enough of a smile. OK, so I got a ‘say cheese’ version too. One for her and one for me. :-)

  She did like the final result and asked for a copy. Got her e-mail and sent it off.