Liz (#457) 11-12-13

A young woman, walking a long-haired dachshund, was heading my way. I was under cover with lots of reflected light, so I just waited. When I approached her for a portrait, she agreed, but seemed very reserved. Liz asked where the images ‘went’, so I pulled out my Android phone and showed her my Flickr Photostream.

She brightened right up and said that she loved the images. Liz teaches small children but has done some modeling on the side. She said that some other models might like to see these. Then she asked if I had a Facebook page, so I gave her my MOO card, pointed to my name, and said that my Facebook page would pop up.

About an hour later, my phone buzzed - it was a Facebook ‘friend’ request from Liz. I cannot overstate how nice it is to have a ‘stranger’ express an interest in the project, and follow up. She speaks Spanish, French and German, and lists Barcelona as her hometown. Most interesting.