Krista (#449) 11-02-13

I’m glad that I asked Krista how to spell her name. I would have guessed wrong. She laughed and said that it was important – after birth, she was in the hospital for five days before she got a name. I guess that her parents wanted to get it right!

Minneapolis was cold. Very cold, for a Florida guy. But even the locals were surprised and said that the sleet and snow were a few weeks early. Downtown, people were walking fast, trying to get to their location and off the street. But Krista was sitting on a bench, looking quite content. On this low bench, her feet did not touch the ground; Krista is well under five feet tall.

And when I asked to photograph her, she was pleased. Krista was born in Iowa but moved to Minnesota for college. She never moved back.

I asked what the best thing that happened that day was. She thought for a few seconds, then suddenly brightened up. “This morning, my cat jumped into my lap and went to sleep. I always like that. And she’ll do it again when I get home!”


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