Andrea (#445) 10-29-13

In La Crosse Wisconsin, I had only a few minutes to ‘stranger hunt’. After meeting and photographing John (a future post), I was quickly walking back to the quay, where the Riverboat was waiting. While on the last block, I noticed two young men and two young women on the other side of the street, horsing around. They were shoving, laughing, and generally having a good time. And they were in front of a tattoo parlor, a wonderful stranger habitat.

So I checked my watch, quickly crossed the street, and introduced myself and the 100 Strangers project. The girls laughed and thought that it was a great idea. The guys were a little more reserved, but did not object.

Today’s Stranger is Andrea. I told her that a friend of mine named Andrea calls herself Andy. This Andrea perked up and said, “That’s what my mother calls me!” I immediately got my shots and went on to the other three.