Elliott and Nancy (#443) 10-26-13

I saw Elliott and Nancy sitting together on a park bench. They were cousins. Elliott did most of the talking, and he was a character. He was spitting mad at the government, and the shutdown.

Elliott is a veteran, and gets benefits that pay his schooling. He is currently enrolled at a local college, working on a degree in substance abuse behavior, but his benefits were on hold because of the shutdown. Unsolicited, he pulled out a government letter and held it to my face. It stated that he was to receive about $1,500/month. But checks were not forthcoming.

Now, the character part: Usually I crop off the top of the head to bring more attention to the eyes. In this case, I wanted to leave the hat so that you could read it. Try. It’s not easy, but if you sound it phonetically, you’ll get it.