Mays (#438) 10-19-13

Mays was a character.

I visit Macon GA, a few times each year to visit family. And, of course, I prowl for interesting faces. I saw Mays and Lilly in front of an old hotel. The light in the doorway looked nice, so I approached them and ‘did my thing’. Mays was immediately interested; it was a little hard to judge Lilly.

I asked Mays if he was from Macon. He said no, that he had only lived here for 40 or 50 years. Good enough. As I was photographing Mays, Lilly feigned a reason to step inside the hotel lobby and temporarily disappeared. Mays yelled, “Hey woman, get back here!” She did! Although reluctant to remove her glasses, she did at least put up with me. :-)

Then another woman walked by and Mays called, “Hey, come over here and get your picture taken. Without looking at Mays or me, she waved her hand dismissively and continued on. I guess that she was used to Mays and his antics. The irony is that I recognized her as Darlene, a stranger whom I had met and photographed on a previous trip.

The world is getting smaller.