Harley Types (#205) 02-01-13

Thunder by the Bay is a true biker’s rally is Sarasota. I have posted a few Strangers who I met there, and here are two more.

Gary was sitting in a doorway along Main Street. The street was PACKED with motorcycles, mostly Harley Davidsons. I estimate that at any given moment, about 5% of the bikes were being revved up, making the noise level somewhere near deafening. Gary was pleasant and easily approachable. He was 55 years old, and at one time said that he had been riding Harleys for 47 years. I did not have my calculator handy, but methinks that this represents new math, or Gary began riding at a VERY young and tender age.

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Snow was sitting with her husband, taking in the sounds and sights.

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No, she does not ride.