Whitney (#196) 01-22-13

Another art show in Sarasota. The west coast of Florida just teems with outdoor displays and activities. One of the vendors had large images that I first mistook for photomontages – figures could be easily recognized from a distance, but were composed of small elements.

So I introduced myself to Whitney, and she was more than pleased to be photographed. As usual, the light in a tent was wonderful.

     (click to enlarge)

Notice the dots in the background. This is the composition of her art. Rather than fumble trying to describe it, here are her words taken from her website: “My painting style is difficult to describe, but could perhaps be categorized as a type of abstract pointillism. However, unlike traditional pointillism, my work is defined by the use of grids and  simple color palettes.  Each piece is an interpretation of a historical portrait, structure and/or story; always created by hand, one dot at a time.

To create the actual dots I use any object that provides the correct diameter. The application technique creates dots with a raised texture, each with it’s own character. No two dots will ever be exactly the same.  Although they are ultimately graphic elements within a room, each subject matter is carefully chosen for specific reasons; whether it is a history I find fascinating or a newly learned fact of a familiar element that I think is worth attempting to convey.” - SPOON

Her larger pieces are composed of thousands of dots, all applied by hand. Sounds tedious. I suggested that she was the mystery peeler of titi shrimp, those teeny shrimp sold in grocery stores to garnish salads (I've always wondered about that!). She said no, but that she could probably do that.

Oh yeah, she calls herself Spoon. Here website is HERE.  While we were speaking, her friend Steve entered the tent – my ersatz studio.

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Whitney said that I caught Steve’s usual expression; the wrinkled brow is “him”.