Sharkbait (#82) 9-7-12

Continuing with the Anime Resurrection get-together, here is Sharkbait. That’s the only name that he would give.

     (click to enlarge)

I Googled Anime Sharkbait. What I found proves beyond a shadow of doubt that I’m too old for this stuff. No two Sharkbaits looked alike, and none looked like THIS Sharkbait.

There were approximately 5,000 participants at this year’s Anime Resurrection. Almost all wore costumes, and I seldom saw the same one twice. Several times I saw groups of participants explaining to each other what their costumes represented. Hard to find a common thread. I spoke with one young man who traveled 500 miles to attend. The three day event costs $60/day, and for this fellow, it’s the largest trip of the year. He saves up all year to do this.

Like I said, I’m just too old. Thanks, Sharkbait, for being, well…, Sharkbait.