Street Portraiture - Adorama TV (#80) 9-4-12

This video is part of an Adorama TV series. Photographer Mark Wallace explains how he does street portraiture, with both technical advice and practical people skill techniques. The video lasts just over 10 minutes.

“In this episode, Mark Wallace shares his personal approach to street photography, which includes shooting informal "street portraits" of strangers with their permission. (In other forms of street photography, photographers may not ask permission and may shoot candids so the subjects never know they are being photographed, which is a very different approach.) How does Mark approach people? How does he get a conversation started that leads to their allowing him to take their portrait.”

Probably everyone who does street portraiture has his/her own skill set. No two people do it exactly the same. If you are interested in trying this, it pays to get advice from as many sources as possible. Mark Wallace is quite knowledgeable, but not the Oracle. Periodically I will try to present someone else’s views on the subject.