Dick (#78) 9-1-12

I saw Dick sitting on a park bench, playing an electronic game. He was at first a bit reluctant to be photographed, but after a fairly lengthy conversation, he was OK with it.

I commented on his Broncos hat. The Denver Broncos are an American style football team; the young quarterback, Tim Tebow, has become a lightning rod of controversy due to his religious expression on the field. Dick thinks that this has been greatly overblown by media, for its own benefit.

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For 20 years, Dick drove the Broncos team bus, and also drove the Denver basketball, baseball, and hockey teams. Lots of stories. It is his experience that the basketball players are the most difficult to get along with, while the hockey players were uniformly nice people. This surprised me, an there are so many fights during hockey players. He said that they leave all of their aggression on the ice, and are gentlemen afterwards. Live and learn.

I offered to e-mail him a photo, but he was not interested.