Ana Theresa (#67) 8-20-12

I gave up after a totally unproductive Stranger hunt; I was crossing a main road to get to my car. While waiting in the median, Ana Theresa pushed her walker across the other lane while several cars were stopped for her. As we met in the median, she said that people were so nice to stop, unlike in a large city. She was looking at me with bright eyes and a big smile. I could hardly believe my luck.

We spoke for a minute about courteous people, and then I brought up the Stranger question. Of Course! No hesitation. When she told me her name, I asked if she was Italian. This brought on several minutes of speaking with theatrical hand and arm waving. She said that an Italian with no hands was mute.

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A widow, she lives in a retirement center just two blocks from my house. She does not have e-mail, but I got her street address so that I can send her a print. I hope that if I live to her age and need a walker to get around, that I'll have her positive outlook and spunk.