Bill the Biker (#52) 8-1-12

Bill walked toward me and had the look of a biker. When I stopped him and asked my usual question, he seemed a bit perplexed, but slowly consented. I asked if he could remove his sunglasses – no problem. But under them, he had regular glasses. When I asked him to remove these, he said “oh no, these are me”. And he explained that he took them off only to engage in, uh…, a certain activity. So I got a few shots (that I didn’t like) and quit.

He asked if I could get a few shots while on his bike, a beautiful Harley – sure!

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So we shook hands as we parted and I said that I probably would never use the head shots because I like eyes, and the glasses sort of spoiled it. He slowly said “Okayyy…”, and removed his glasses – in bright sunlight. I wasn’t about to press my luck and ask him to move into shade, and I definitely didn’t want to see engage in, uh…, a certain activity. So here it is.

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