Karen and Amber (#50) 7-31-12

A couple of months ago, Barbara and I ate with friends Marv and Carol at an outdoor café in Ft. Myers, FL.  Karen, our waitress, took out order and disappeared.

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While waiting for the meal, we saw a photographer 20 yards away, photographing a lady who was posing like a model. The photographer had a largish, professional looking camera. I went over to her, introduced myself, and she agreed to be photographed.

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I commented on her camera, which was a Nikon D700. I then pointed to Marv, at our table, and said “guess what he has? A Nikon D800!” Her eyes widened a bit and she said that she had not yet seen the new D800.

Such is the power of new gear in photography. Camera envy sets in at the announcement of each new model.