Roberta (#45) 7-26-12

We arrived by car, at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. A large, modern Information Center was right on the water. More importantly, it was well air conditioned and the forecast was for 100 degrees. After viewing numerous brochures, Roberta, a docent, asked if we had any questions. She knew EVERYTHING. Among other things, she explained how to take a bus to the Pratt Library, and find an excellent restaurant nearby for lunch.

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Well, we found the library, but things never look quite as I expect. At lunchtime, after wandering a few blocks and not feeling too comfortable with the neighborhood, we took a bus back to the harbor and did NOT eat where Roberta had suggested. No, she didn’t suggest, she told us to eat there. And so chastened was I, that we avoided the Information Center for the rest of the day – air conditioning or not. I did not dare face Roberta and tell that we ate elsewhere. So was the strength of her personality.