Lucinda and Georgia (#157) 12-06-12

In blog post #154 I introduced Anastasia. She was with two other women, Lucinda and Georgia. Anastasia and Lucinda were standing on the sidewalk, speaking very theatrically with exaggerated hand and body gestures. After photographing Anastasia I got several shots of Lucinda. She was a natural ham – I loved it!

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She had two large sacks leaning against an adjacent table. Many papers of various types of artwork filled them. She clearly is accomplished, and I bought one patriotic print of a bald eagle’s head with the Star Spangled banner written over it. This was a lot of stuff to lug around!

Georgia remained seated throughout all this, and seemed genuinely amused by the other two and the encounter with me. It turned out that that Lucinda and Georgia had only met Anastasia several minutes before I arrived. I assumed that they had been friends forever.

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