Caroline and Gary (#174) 12-27-12

I walked down Bay St., Savannah, about noon. A couple headed my way with a purposeful cadence, I was doubtful that they would stop. But they did. Caroline was a bit shy and reticent, but Gary had no reservation and led the way. They had finished a 10k race a few hours earlier and were feeling pretty good about themselves.

As usual, I asked Caroline to NOT smile for the camera. But as is often the way with attractive women, she gave me the look that she wanted – I could take it or leave it.

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Gary was a bit more relaxed.

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I thanked them and we began to part. I called back, “I heard that there were 5,000 runners, is that true”? Gary turned to me and deadpanned, “How would I know? I was in front the entire race – I have no idea how many were behind me (grin)”.