Chris and Cory (#163) 12-13-12

In Savannah, I was to have lunch with Craig Tanner, my Street Portraiture mentor. The rendezvous was at one of his favorite watering holes, Molly MacPherson’s.  Molly's ad is HERE. Surprisingly to me, Savannah is replete with Irish, Scottish, and British pubs/restaurants. The city nearly triples in population for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. I must remember not to come then.

Anyway, I arrived at Molly’s first. While waiting, two Molly’s employees came outside, on break. So here I am, camera in hand, just waiting: what else was I to do? Of course I introduced myself, explained the project, and asked permission to photograph. Chris and Cory had no problem with that at all.

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Restaurant workers are almost a captive audience. They are too easy. Maybe I should only get half credit for each one.