Brian & Reggie (#136) 11-12-12

I walked through downtown Ft. Myers on Halloween.  A young couple was heading my way on a side street, so I abruptly altered direction and met them head on (my favorite approach). When I made my pitch, each of them immediately smiled, shrugged, and said, “why not?” When I got Brian’s name, I had the presence of mind to ask if it was spelled with an “I” or a “Y”. I have a few Brians (?) in my collection, and they may be spelled wrong.

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After I got Reggie’s name, I asked her to please remove the sunglasses so that I could see her eyes. She declined, because she had “hung over eyes”. This was 4:30PM. I guessed that it would be a long night.

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After the shoot, I thanked them, and they were laughing as we parted. I called back, “Brian, don’t get her drunk tonight”. He laughed and said, “I’ll drink for both of us”.