Vallah and Sam (#133) 11-8-12

Several outdoor tables are in front of a bakery. Vallah was at one, and Sam was at an adjacent table with a couple of friends. Vallah and Sam were not interacting, so they are totally unrelated, except as to location and time.

When I explained my project to Vallah, she immediately was interested. She was working on a laptop computer, so I asked if she was doing homework. Yup! So, I asked if she attended State College of Florida or The Ringling School of Art and Design. No, she was a high school student, obviously younger than I thought. Fortunately Vallah was totally comfortable with being photographed, and I think that it shows.

I told her that I had never met anyone named Vallah. Neither had she.

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When I explained the project to Sam and his friends, he began to laugh. I asked him not to give a posed smile, but to just “be himself”. I like this partially swallowed smile. It is genuine.

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