Rachel(s) #143 11-20-12

When I approached downtown Sarasota by car, there was an unexpected bonus; a health fair occupied all of Main Street, which was closed to cars. This is my favorite location for light, and it was full of people (who I didn’t know). Yeesss!!

Two young ladies were in the middle of the street, one photographing the other with a Canon DSLR. When they were done, they walked my way, so I approached them with my usual line. No problem, they were all for it. I introduced myself to the first one, who was Rachel. The second one laughed, she was Rachel too! So I reintroduced myself as Bob Bob.

Rachel #1 had long blond hair that flowed in the breeze – I loved it!

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 As I was photographing Rachel #2, she said that she was a photography major at the nearby Ringling School of Art and Design. A coincidence –I told her that one of the photography professors, M.K. Foltz was one of my Strangers for the 100 Strangers flickr group. See her HERE. Rachel #2 knew her, and held her in high esteem. I gave both Rachels my MOO card with e-mail address, blog site, etc. I hope that Rachel #2 sees this post, because there is another coincidence. I had forgotten about another flickr Stranger, James, who was also a Ringling student. See him HERE.

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The images of Rachel #2 frustrate me immensely. I missed sharp focus on the eyes of all shots. Plus, I accidently had my ISO set to 400. This is not too high and should not cause a problem. But it did, and the quality of the images is compromised. Of course, this would have to happen to the photos of a future professional photographer!