Alexis (#105) 10-5-12

Walking through my favorite Farmer’s Market, I passed a booth promoting an upcoming chalk festival. I did not make it to last year’s Sarasota Chalk Festival, but I later saw numerous photos of same. Fantastic! The skillful artwork with 3D trompe l’oeil effect was amazing; it seemed scary to walk near the art, lest one “fell” into some of these pieces.

Anyway, Alexis was outside of the booth handing out fliers. I asked to photograph her and she seemed flattered. Good! Like so many pretty ladies, she refused to not smile. She knew how she looked her best, and, by golly, that was what she was going to do! Not exactly what I was looking for, but that was OK.

     (click to enlarge)

I have been struggling with my post processing workflow for women with smooth skin. My Nik Silver Efex Pro II technique works well for rugged looking men, but not so much for women. Alexis, and a couple of ladies who I will post next week afforded me the opportunity to practice a workflow that enhances edge contrast that makes the face “stand out” without making the skin blotchy.