Hugo and Katie (#103) 10-2-12

While walking through a Farmers Market, I rounded a corner and passed a young couple. They were talking and laughing, a perfect pair to photograph. But I was almost shoulder to shoulder with Hugo, and we were walking in opposite directions. I don’t like to approach anyone from behind, so I quickly circled around and tried to get ahead of them. Easy, because they stopped at a kiosk, so I went about 100 feet past them.

I began watching a lady in a vegetable stand when I realized that Hugo and Katie were slowly walking my way. I took a few quick steps, so that I would intercept them before they stopped at yet another booth. When I confronted them, I asked if they would do me a favor with my photographic project. As I spoke, a smile came across their faces, and I knew that they had “bought in”. Having done hundreds of Stranger portraits, I’ve acquired some competence in recognizing people who might be open to new ideas and experiences.

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Both Hugo and Katie seemed to like the close cropped images on my camera’s LCD. I gave them my MOO card with contact information, and flickr stream and invited them to e-mail me for electronic copies of the images. So far, I have not heard from them.

I often give the card and make this offer. Unfortunately I seldom hear back. I never know if they are disappointed with the results or just lose interest.