Janel and friends (#797) 03-04-15

The Blue Owl Bar on Main has an indented entryway that is always fairly dark. Street light reflects everywhere – I love the spot. One recent afternoon while I was across the street, there were three women seated there, two with their backs to me. The one facing me had bright strawberry blonde hair, I think that Brits would call her a 'ginga' (ginger). My wife's hair is similar and her birth certificate calls it 'Titian.' The 16th century Italian painter, Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) often used this color for women's hair. Actually, Jenel's might be a bit lighter. Anyway, when I introduced myself, all were outgoing, friendly, and more than happy to be photographed.

Janel has lived and worked in a number of locations. Currently she performs in a circus, aerialist and fire eater.

Fire eater.

I get heartburn from eating chili. Janel "partakes" up to 30 times per day."

"Have you ever had an 'accident?"

"I burned my tongue slightly, once. Actually, the aerial work is more dangerous."

"Ever fallen"

(Eyes looking up) "No."

She happened to be sitting in front of a red lit sign. The colors were so compelling to me that I included a color shot in the comments. I got the posted shot first, but Janel prefers the more smiley one.

Gigi works in film photography, so she knows what she wants in a portrait. I got a few of my usual fairly serious looks that she didn't like. So I just asked her to pose as she wished, and she gave me the movie star look. I like it!

Ilonka is, well, the first Ilonka who I've met. In the arial font, the capital "I" and small "L" look identical – confusing. Her parents were of Hungarian and Puerto Rican origin. You can guess which language the name Ilonka comes from. At the time, something rang a bell about that combination. Now I remember that the late comedian Freddie Prinze Sr. claimed the same lineage. He called himself Hungarican, and said that his parents met on a bus while trying to pick each other's pockets.

Ilonka plans to move to Portland to study fashion design. She has modeled in the past. Sure enough, when the camera came up her modeling background became obvious.