Alayna (#611) 06-05-14

My wife and I were walking onto a fishing pier at Ft. Myers Beach. As we went up a ramp. I looked down on a beach bar, the Beach Pierside Grill, getting an aerial view. It had not yet opened, but Alayna was arranging outdoor seating. Her hair caught my eye as it captured the morning sunlight. So, I rearranged my walk and met Alayna.

She seemed a little surprised and reserved, but said yes. Alayna was born and raised in Ft. Myers. She told me how long she had worked at the Grill, but I didn't write it down, and now I forget. :-(

The sun was bright, and as we spoke I was eying a shaded location nearby. When I suggested moving there, she suggested another location, a few yards further. That was nice, and her location was probably better!

I asked Alayna to eschew the “Say Cheese” smile, and she agreed. She said that a big smile made her eyes smaller. Wow, that's some good insight. Perhaps she had been photographed in the past?