Ryan (#585) 05-05-14

In early April, there was yet another outdoor event in Sarasota. This was “The Outdoor Living and Garden Show.” So windy that many vendors could not put all of their products out – a couple had tent damage. But Ryan didn't.

His business in Marble Florida, out of Tampa. Marble doesn't blow away too easily. The company website is HERE

The main products are pavers and tiles for projects that become rather expensive. This is the first time that Ryan has been in a Sarasota show. He wasn't sure. The entry fee was $400, but one contract would make the show a success.


I had to struggle for a relatively clean background. He didn't like the first image, as a little tuft of hair sprung out above his right ear. This would have taken two seconds to fix with the clone tool. But I got a few more, and he liked this one. In moving around I got a better background too. A win – win situation.