Joe and Bailey (#600) 21-05-14

I was walking down Central Ave. in St. Petersburg, on Easter Sunday. Joe and Bailey were sitting in a good spot, in front of a very dark window, with reflected light hitting their faces. They were speaking softly and sitting fairly close, but not THAT close, if you get my drift.

Both were a bit reticent when approached. Joe was born in St. Pete and graduated from St. Petersburg Catholic High School. Bailey was born in Tampa, but now lives in Mt. Dora, FL. That name is a bit of a joke. There are bumper stickers that say, “I climbed Mt. Dora.”; the elevation is about 50 feet.

Neither had an interest in getting a copy of their image. In fact, Joe wasn't even going to look at his until Bailey convinced them. After I downloaded them, I was surprised to see that the reflected light gave Joe a rim-light effect on his hair. Bailey, with the darker hair didn't have that, and her hair blended into the background. I had to really 'lean' on the hair in Photoshop to get any separation at all.