Larry #1 (#559) 04-04-14

While visiting Macon, GA, we headed to Molly's Cafe for lunch. A man was outside the door seated at a table. He had one tall stack of linen napkins, and was folding them and placing them on a second stack. After we were seated inside, the man came in and spoke rather loudly to the waitresses. As he spoke, my wife and I quickly looked at each other. His gravely voice sounded EXACTLY like Louis Armstrong. Satchmo! I've never heard another voice quite like that.

He stepped outside again, and I followed with my camera. He was pleased to be photographed. His name is Larry, but all of his friends call him Louis. Surprise, surprise. Larry graduated from high school in Macon and then joined the military. Following that, he worked for the local sheriff’s department for 20 years and retired at 55. Now he works at Molly's 4 - 5 hours a day, filling in and doing odd jobs. Not a bad way to follow a retirement!

Look at that face. Would you want him to be cross with you as a law enforcement officer?