Roselyn and David (#566) 04-13-14

Roselyn and David were performing at the end of a street at a Farmer's Market. Roselyn's electric smile and outgoing personality stole the show. David was the 'straight man', being quiet and supportive. He played a trumpet, while she played the guitar and sang. And SANG!

They are from New Orleans, and their music was predominantly southern jazz. Their website is HERE.

Roselyn was more than happy to be photographed and talk (between numbers) about their tour. But the real chatting began when I asked, “Were you in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina?” She put down the guitar and talked for five minutes. The gist of it was that she and David left JUST before the storm hit. And their home was destroyed. Who knows what would have happened had they stayed.

Her daughter saved the. She (the daughter) called Roselyn and said that she had to leave. Roselyn had not been paying attention to the news, and just said that New Orleans is used to hurricanes. No big deal. Her daughter said, “This storm is huge. It IS a big deal. You have to leave now!” Roselyn again played it down. The daughter finally said, “If you don't leave now I'll kick your coffin when it's over.” So Roselyn and David left, and the rest is history.