Drea (#558) 04-02-14

This was Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, GA. So we visited the Macon-Bibb County Convention and Visitors Bureau for some ideas of what to do. One docent caught my eye. She had a great, outgoing personality and just exuded good feeling. She was busy with other tourists, so I had to wait quite a while for my chance.

As soon as I explained toe 100 Strangers group, she said, “Oh, I want to do that!” Huh? She and her daughter travel a lot and love to photograph – and she would LOVE to meet people and photograph them. So I gave her my card, and hopefully she'll join.

Her name is Andrea. I explained that I had a good friend named Andrea, but that she goes by Andy. Well guess what, this Andrea goes by Drea. All depends on how you slice the pie.

This is a rare indoor shot, for me. During Cherry Blossom Week, people are encouraged to wear pink, and if possible, cherry blossoms. Drea had this beautiful pink/red flower, but it looks no more like a cherry blossom than a soccer ball.