Brittany (#737) 12-20-14

I meet so many strangers outside of a coffee shop, Pastry Art, that it is appropriate to occasionally photograph employees. This is one of my few indoor shots at ISO 800.

As I placed my order, Brittany said, “Nice camera!”, my lead in. I replied, “Thanks. Guess what I like to photograph?”, and away we went. She was a bit reluctant, but caved in when she saw my Photostream on the phone. I had not seen her before. Probably because she has only worked there for a month, and then only on weekends. She said that her main job is as a hairstylist.

“Hairstylist? But you are hiding your hair under a wool cap!”

“Bad hair day.”

“Hairstylists shouldn't have bad hair days.”

Shrug, with palms up.