Katherine (#690) 11-01-14

I was eating lunch with my sister at my favorite outdoor cafe. A young couple (actually, I'm not sure that they are a 'couple') were sitting at an adjacent table. Katherine was glued to a tablet that was propped at a 45 degree angle, while Gavin war reading an old fashion book. They looked so studious that I did not want to interfere. But finally I noticed her smiling and talking to Gavin while he pretended to take a bite out of her tablet. Time to make my move.

They were both intrigued by the project and more than happy to participate. When I began asking questions, Gavin pulled up a chair and motioned for me to sit down. Nice!

Katherine is from Austin, TX. One of her high school teachers was a graduate of New College, in Sarasota. So Katherine made the connection and is now a senior at New College. She is majoring in Religion; after the required theses, only five will graduate with that major. Her goal is to manage a non-profit organization. Her favorite candidate is Central Asia Institute, which empowers girls and young women through education in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. The website is HERE.  She liked the image and I sent it to her.

I commented to Gavin that eating an Apple tablet must taste better than a Samsung. He lived in Key West since five years old. His parents own a resort off Duval Street (the main drag in Key West). He is studying philosophy, and also wants to manage a non-profit organization.

These are such nice folks, and it's refreshing to meet people of this generation that have a social conscious and altruistic goals. So many in this age range are seeking fame, as defined by Facebook 'Likes', video clips gone viral, and (God spare me), 'Selfies.'