Sean (#499) 01-04-13

When I saw Sean walking along, I knew that I had to give it a try. I have a poor track record in getting permission to photograph from businessmen. Men wearing ties and/or jackets usually decline being photographed. I postulate that when business clothes are donned, it is like assuming a role. And the role does not include being photographed. Anyway, when I explained my project to Sean, a slight smile crossed his face and it was obvious that he would comply.


Sean lives in Ft. Myers, about 50 miles away. He was in Venice for the evening, to have dinner with his parents. He is a salesman for the pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca. Their products include the popular Symbicort and Nexium.

I asked Sean about the best part of his day. “Driving up I75 without encountering an accident.” Yep, that isn't easy.