Tracie and Kathleen (#407) 09-07-13

Walking through my favorite Farmer’s Market with two other photographers, we approached some vendors. They were under tents, and the light was sumptuous. First was Tracie, who had a business selling gardening supplies. I am glad that I asked how to spell her name!

Then, on to a tent with the sign, “Simply Organic”. Kathleen sold wheat grains that were pressed into juices.

So in return for a photograph, I was given the ‘opportunity’ to try some kind of grass juice. It was bright green, and smelled like…, grass. I politely held it to my lips. One of my photographer ‘friends’ said, “Bob, your Adams Apple isn’t moving”. Shut up! Then I realized that her co-worker was making a video of me ‘drinking’ their product.

Anything for a portrait.