Riddick Bowe and “No” (#404) 09-03-13

I saw the young couple eating al fresco, at a table adjacent to a city street. They faced the street, with their backs to the relatively dark storefronts. So I walked in the street to approach them. As I asked permission, I alternately looked at him, and then – OMIGOD, she had HUGE almond eyes that screamed, “Photograph me! Photograph me!”

But those eyes were not smiling. Nor was her mouth. The gentleman shrugged, laughed a bit and said sure. Almond Eyes just shook her head no and looked down. So I got a few clicks of him, shook his hand, and said “My name is Bob”. Silence. So I asked his first name. After a few seconds he said, “You can call me Riddick Bowe.” Oh, another Riddick Bowe (heavyweight boxing champion ~20 years ago).

So, I alternately looked at Riddick and Almond Eyes while I said, “I get it, Riddick Bowe and No”.

The almond eyes remained unamused.