The Grill Meister (#318) 06-07-13

Here is one from the archives, about two years ago. We were in Ft. Pierce, Fl, on a Saturday. There is a big-time Farmers Market which is really more than that. It has grown into a full service fair of sorts, and is a cultural center for the community.

So, as I walked through the maze of tents and kiosks, I saw this fellow manning a grill, cooking the usual grill fare. I was attracted to the headgear with chili peppers. I had just begun approaching strangers for portraits, and was a little hesitant. But I was pleased (and amazed) that he had no reluctance to being photographed.

As I was new to this game, I had yet to carry a notebook for recording names. And, of course, I have long since forgotten. But thank you, Mr. Grill Meister, for allowing me to photograph you and build some confidence.