Street Portraits at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (#319) 06-08-13

I recently spent a couple of hours at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMoPA) in Tampa; I am a member. See it HERE.

The current exhibit is from the Vivian Maier collection. I have blogged about her before, but it is an incredible story. If you are unfamiliar with Vivian Maier, please visit the site HERE.

After checking out the display, I picked out a rather pricy book about Maier, and at the checkout counter, struck up a conversation with Jeremy and Maria. When Maria saw the book, she began rattling off facts about Maier – she was VERY knowledgeable. I asked if she acted as a museum docent, but she was not. She saw my Olympus OM-D and was curious. I showed her some of the features, and she was quite interested. Maria is saving her dollars for her dream camera, a Leica. I suggested saving LOTS of dollars. After discussing the genre of street portraiture, she had no reservations about being photographed.

Jeremy was seated next to Maria. He is an art student at the University of South Florida, and is about to graduate. Finally. It has taken six years to work his way through school. Hopefully he will continue his studies, specializing in interior design.

If one wanted to photograph people, what better venue than a photography museum?