Having Fun (#292) 05-06-13

Ideally, when approaching strangers for a photograph, the encounter should be fun for all. Why take yourself, and others, too seriously. There is too little joy and fun in this world, and anything that can be done to increase it has to be a good thing.

So, while cruising the edges of an outdoor auto show, I saw a fellow who looked carefree, with a loosey-goosey body language. So I approached Mr. T (the only name that he gave), and went into my spiel. He thought it was a hoot to be photographed by a stranger and immediately called three women who were in his entourage. What luck!

They were all laughing, and the most difficult part was getting an halfway genuine expression. I got Mr. T to remove his hat so that I could get a view of his eyes.

Cindy just could not contain herself. Well, it's better than a perpetual scowl!

Diena (pronounced Deena), was insistent that I spell her name correctly. She schooled me in the old bromide, "i before e except after c". As my surname is Dein, I don't pay attention to that garbage.

They were all from Ft. Myers. But their friend Lauren was visiting from Jacksonville.

I feel that I got lucky here. Sometimes a portrait just looks right.

I am typing this on the afternoon of May 5. I have high hopes of meeting a few folks this evening, at a Cinco de Mayo event.