Russell (#233) 03-04-13

Russell was seated with a young lady (tomorrow's post) at an outdoor cafe. When I approached them with my spiel, she took the lead and was outgoing. Russell was a little more reserved, but ultimately had no problem with being photographed.

     (click to enlarge)

His friend, April, said that Russell is very modest, but is an accomplished artist. He shrugged modestly, and said that he did have a studio in Bradenton (~12 miles north). I asked if he had a business card, and he said no, not with him. Then I asked if I googled "Russell Starr", would he come up. Yes, and that his name had two 'R's. So I did, and his site is HERE.

Clearly he IS accomplished and has a very strong,characteristic style. I gave him my card. I hope that he sees this post and becomes motivated to carry his cards at all times.