BJ (#454) 11-09-13

BJ is the second of three artist/vendors who I met, and photographed, at an art festival. And there is another one 20 miles away next weekend! BJ is a ‘mural artist.’ Her tent contained a few paintings about 8 feet long, on canvas. This was hanging canvas cloth, not stretched over a frame.

She is from Englewood, 15 miles away, and had moved there from St. Louis, 12 years ago. I told her that I went to Englewood Elementary School (SEVERAL years ago). The school was brand new then. It has since been torn down, less than 50 years later. BJ said, “Well, that’s America for you!”

Surprisingly she does not seem to have a website. But later learned that she is responsible for several outdoor murals on stores and public buildings in town. I see her work every day.

Unfortunately, as she was ‘on duty’, I was unable to get her past the camera smile.