Kim (#472) 11-29-13

Kim (#472) 11-29-13

Another outdoor art show, I love it! A grass island in the middle of St. Armand's Circle was filled with tents, containing all kinds of art. One tent caught my eye. Not because the art was beautiful (it was), but because the art was displayed on a black background. And the lady vendor had white hair – it just jumped out.

So I introduced myself to Kim and explained why I wanted to photograph her for my project. Being an artist, she immediately understood and was totally cooperative. The reflected light was perfect, and I thanked her profusely before two looker – customers came in.


The art was polished wooden birds, dolphins, etc., that were so smooth looking that I thought that they were metal. A wall hanging group of seagulls was about 6 feet across and would command an entire living room wall. It seemed worth the $2,500 price tag. Werner Holzbaur's website is HERE.