C.T. (#470) 11-26-13

I spotted a tall young man and just had to give it a try. I'm 6'1”, but he was an inch or two taller. Without hair. With his hair, he was probably 6 inches taller. I had to follow him a bit and position myself so that we would meet in an area of favorable light. I hope that this would not be considered 'stalking'. I consider it planning ahead and positioning.

As soon as I explained 100 Strangers to C.T., he smiled broadly and liked the idea. I asked if C.T. Was just the two letters, and he explained that it was for Coach Taylor. Last summer, C.T. Was hired by a local high school to be a girl's basketball coach, and he is clearly proud of it. His team has defeated a few powerhouses, including my Alma Mater. When I told him that, he gave his condolences, with a friendly mocking grin.

Amazingly, he is familiar with homeless facilities and how to live in a car. Looking at him, and hearing him speak, I would never have guessed. Difficult times breed difficult situations. Sarasota County has hired an expert in handling homeless programs and facilities; it appears that both the county and included cities are about to appropriate substantial funds to implement the proposals.

C.T. was concerned that the photo would show his previously broken nose. Even after he told me, I could barely spot it. He liked the final image, and took my MOO card. A moment later, a woman walked up and they embraced like old buddies. I said, “Hey, how about introducing me to your friend.” and this leads to the next Stranger.

Next year, may you team win all (but one) of its games.