Neal -sort of (#84) 9-10-12

My wife and I were in a bookstore on a rainy day, in Juneau, AK. Juneau and rainy day are somewhat redundant. When gazing out a window, I saw a thin man with a “character face” outside. I had been anxious to meet native Alaskans to photograph. This man had Oriental features; native Alaskans arrived in North America via Siberia, and they have Oriental roots.

I stepped outside and introduced myself. He smiled and seemed a bit shy. I asked his name and he said Neal (I thought). I asked if it was spelled N-E-A-L or N-E-I-L. He chuckled and said,” no, no,… not Neal…NEAL!”. So, obviously I could not understand him. I did learn that he had lived in Juneau for five years.

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I suspect that he is from the Orient and moved to Alaska. It’s nice that when language is a bit of a barrier, a camera and a smile can usually bridge the gap.