Elizabeth (#55) 8-5-12

Walking along the Riverfront in Bradenton, Fl, I saw a man and woman conversing on a bench. I approached them and explained my project. Both were taken aback, although Elizabeth seemed more interested than her friend. Note: I never learned his name. After some coaxing, she reluctantly agreed to be photographed. It was breezy, and I liked how her hair was slightly windswept.

     (click to enlarge)

As usual, I asked her not to smile, and as usual, she did anyway. Still I liked the result, and showed her the image on the LCD. She nervously laughed a bit and I did not know if she liked it or not (rather unnerving.). Her male friend leaned over to see the LCD but I pulled the camera away and playfully said that he’d have to pay to play!  I thought that this might soften him up to be photographed, but no dice.

A bonus: 75 yards away was the South Florida Museum which had a large display of Clyde Butcher photographs (Ansel Adams of the Everglades).