Brent (#76) 8-30-12

At a Farmers Market in Sarasota, I saw Brent pushing a bicycle (in a crowd) wearing a Bavarian-Alpine type hat and a huge smile. As soon as I approached him, he addressed me and was ultra courteous. He had a very slight accent that I could not place, but did not seem German or Austrian. Finally, he alluded to a nearby truck, calling it a lorry. A Brit? So I asked where he was from, and he said born in Germany, but spent many years in England before coming to the U.S. And, he speaks Spanish. I said that I assumed English roots when he used the word lorry; he immediately apologized (APOLOGIZED?) for mixing American English and United Kingdom English (at least he didn’t say REAL English)!

When I told him my name and shook his hand, he said that he could not quickly remove his riding glove – and apologized for that! Brent’s mother would have scolded him for not removing his glove.

     (click to enlarge)

Brent has a magic and puppet show act that he performs in various circuses. Living in a coach, he travels most of the year and has all (most) of the comforts of home with him.

He truly seems like a happy and very polite guy. When I got the photos, I didn’t even ask him not to smile. This look seems to really reflect Brent’s personality.