Refection (#178) 01-01-13

Let’s begin with an image of Melissa. I sort of like the Christmas tree background. The black and white abstracts it into a pattern – not all bad, methinks.

     (click to enlarge)

The beginning of a new year is a time for me to reflect on where this site has come, and what evolutionary changes are appropriate in 2013. My thoughts so far are these:

1. I am humbled that about 25 new viewers visit this site daily. To me, this seems pretty good for Street Portraiture (strangers), a niche genre at best. Let’s face it, this stuff isn’t for everyone.

2. Although there is some traffic, there is virtually no feedback in the form of comments, or e-mail messages. I had hoped to create a small “community” in which ideas are exchanged. This has not happened.

Bearing these in mind, these are avenues that I hope to pursue in the upcoming year.

1. Line up an occasional guest blogger for the Wednesday “change of pace” post.

2. I will try to produce an occasional (monthly?) podcast, so that the visitor can hear my voice instead of viewing my misspellings.

3. The deinfaces site is now hosted by Squarespace, on their Squarespace 5 platform. As this is outdated, the site needs to be migrated to Squarespace 6. I dread this but it needs to be done, sooner or later. The site appearance will change a bit – a good thing.

Most importantly, thank you for visiting this site in 2012. Please feel free to suggest changes that would make the experience more meaningful for you. I may, or may not, be able to accomplish the changes, but I cannot try without hearing from you.

Have a happy and fulfilling 2013.