Carol and Gary (#141) 11-17-12

As I walked along the main thoroughfare of an art festival, I passed a side street that had outdoor tables by a coffee / wine & cheese shop. All tables were occupied. A couple at the nearest table looked very relaxed and contented. And, why not? Each had a half empty wine glass. What better indicator of good mood and open-mindedness?

So I approached them and asked a favor – and then gave my pitch. Immediately the look on Gary’s face indicated that he “bought in”, but Carol was only slightly reluctant. She said that she seldom looked good in pictures. Is there an echo in here? I hear that so often! But, she complied.

After a few shots I showed her images on the camera’s LCD. Sure enough, she wasn’t happy. I’m sorry, I thought that she looked pretty good, but of course I shot some more. Gary was easy.

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I have had some difficulty post processing women’s images recently. The fine line between character contrast and over processed perfection was haunting me. The Fred Miranda People Photography forum has been very helpful. See it HERE. I posted several images of ladies and got very constructive criticism. Based on this, I am fairly satisfied with the results of Carol’s photo. She has a card with this site address; hopefully she sees this and is satisfied too.